Newest Americans welcomed with naturalization ceremony on D-day anniversary

ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– The newest Americans took the oath Thursday near Gettysburg, on the 80th anniversary of D-day, and that was by design.

The naturalization ceremony took place at Eisenhower National Historic Site, the home and farm of our 34th president Dwight D. Eisenhower.

On D-day, then General Eisenhower was the supreme commander of all Allied troops in Europe. D-day led to freedom in Europe, and today many of the new Americans are enjoying the freedoms this country offers.

That includes Cesar Leal, who came here from Colombia 20 years ago and is now a professor at Gettysburg College.

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This Week in Pennsylvania

“My path was long, but I consider myself very, very fortunate and privileged to arrive in this country as a student and then pursue academic life and be part of the cultural tapestry of here, which is not the case for everybody,” Leal said.

Tours continue this weekend of the Eisenhower Historic Site and at Gettysburg National Cemetery, where several World War II veterans are buried.

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