Newcomerstown woman took part in Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving morning

NEWCOMERSTOWN − Tammy Stocker Hannahs, a Newcomerstown native and 1982 NHS graduate, took part in the 24th annual Fox 8 Turkey Bowl in Cleveland on Thanksgiving morning. She is a clinical specialist for a medical device company.

“I have watched the Turkey Bowl on Fox 8 for many years. Every Thanksgiving, I would tune in and laugh at the hosts and contestants. The show became my morning Thanksgiving tradition while I cooked for the holiday," she said.

To be considered, Tammy had to submit a video explaining why she should be selected, and she had to be dressed in festive attire. "As a Cleveland Browns fan, I was fully clad head to toe in my Cleveland Browns attire. I also had to submit an essay that included a little poem I wrote about my hometown."

Tammy Stocker Hannahs (left) with TV Fox 8 News Host Kenny Crumpton.
Tammy Stocker Hannahs (left) with TV Fox 8 News Host Kenny Crumpton.

Nine family members made the trip to Cleveland with her, and all wore matching sweatshirts. She also had friends watching from Florida, Arizona and Minnesota.

"The Turkey Bowl was truly the most memorable and joyful Thanksgiving I have ever experienced. The hosts and producers were so gracious. The contestants were energetic and ornery. Turkey Bowl participants were also asked to dress festively for the show, and I selected a potted sunflower, as it is a costume that I felt reflected my personality. I love gardening, and I love sunshine. The hosts kept calling me Flower Power or Sunshine.

"The show had never selected a contestant from our area, and I wanted to highlight our little village, as the hometown of Cy Young and Woody Hayes.

"Prior to my gutter ball/Butterball on the show, I had practice throws during the commercial break and news. I knocked over the cranberry cans. The turkeys are frozen, and you cannot control which way it will slide down the lane. My friends have been teasing me and telling me that I need a key to the village of Newcomerstown, and they want me in the Christmas parade in my costume. I actually did hear from Mayor Cadle during the broadcast. He thanked me for representing Newcomerstown in a positive light," she concluded.

This article originally appeared on The Times-Reporter: Tammy Hannahs represents Newcomerstown in Cleveland TV's Turkey Bowl