New Yorker publishes stunning video of Capitol riot

The New Yorker on Sunday published 12 minutes of new, surreal footage from inside the Capitol during the mob rampage that left five people dead earlier this month.

The video, recorded by veteran war correspondent Luke Mogelson, captures the mob breaking into the building, walking through hallways and taking over the Senate chamber.

“Whose house? Our house!” the crowd chanted as they stormed in the building.

“If you will not stand down, you are outnumbered,” a man tells a Capitol Police officer after the rioters broke inside. “There’s a f***ing million of us out there. And we are listening to Trump — your boss.”

The dramatic footage follows the mob through stairwells as they chant “Treason!” and make their way to the evacuated Senate chamber, where Congress had been in the process of counting the Electoral College votes that gave President-elect Joe Biden his victory.

“There’s got to be something in here we can f***ing use against these scumbags,” a man said as he rifled through Senate papers. On the balcony above, a bare-chested rioter in furs and horns, later identified as Arizona conspiracy theorist Jake Angeli, yelled and chanted. Angeli, who is seen a few minutes later sprawled in the chair Vice President Mike Pence sits in to preside over the Senate, was arrested days later and charged with various crimes related to the deadly attack.

A lone Capitol Police officer politely asks the group to leave the “sacredest” place in the Capitol.

Over the preceding weeks, President Trump and his allies had inflamed supporters with false charges that the election had been stolen from him. Earlier on the same day, Trump held a rally urging supporters to “fight.” “When you catch somebody in a fraud, you’re allowed to go by very different rules,” Trump said.

Hours after the riot, Congress certified Biden’s victory. The president-elect will assume the presidency on Jan. 20.

Click here to read Mogelson’s full dispatch for the New Yorker.


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