New York Times publishes 2-page spread of Trump Twitter insults

The New York Times list of Donald Trump's Twitter insults. (Photo: Colin Campbell/Yahoo News)
The New York Times list of Donald Trump’s Twitter insults. (Photo: Colin Campbell/Yahoo News)

The New York Times’ Monday paper contains a rather striking list of Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks since he launched his presidential campaign.

The two-page spread features an alphabetized tally of the victims of Trump’s caustic social-media bombardments. His targets range from media figures (“dumb as a rock,” Trump sniped at CNN’s Don Lemon) to rival candidates (“sad sack,” Trump jabbed at Jeb Bush) and beyond.

Though feuds on Twitter are common, Trump’s freewheeling use of the social media platform has been astonishing since he began his bid for the White House.

The Times even accounts for Trump’s many attacks directed at the newspaper and its reporters, whom he has frequently accused of fabricating stories about his campaign. (“The reporting at the failing @nytimes gets worse and worse by the day,” he tweeted in August. “Fortunately, it is a dying newspaper.”)

The list is far from a complete catalog of Trump’s Twitter invective. Because it only chronicles the insults leveled by Trump since the celebrity businessman launched his campaign in the summer of 2015, it misses Trump’s years of insults directed at figures like President Obama, Rosie O’Donnell, Mark Cuban and the British business magnate Alan Sugar. (Back in 2012, Trump tweeted: “Dopey Sugar @Lord_Sugar You can’t carry @piersmorgan’s jock!”)

The Times has for months been keeping a running interactive tally of Trump’s Twitter attacks, but Monday appears to be the first time it was published in print form.

“We’ve been building out the digital presentation for months and always intended to publish it in print, but we wanted to give the fullest representation of the tweets, which amount to public statements, and to find an appropriate moment,” Tom Jolly, associate masthead editor at the Times, told Yahoo News in a statement. “The period after the debates seemed like the right time for both parts of that equation.”

Photo: Colin Campbell/Yahoo News
Photo: Colin Campbell/Yahoo News