New York magazine cover brands Trump a ‘loser’

The cover of New York magazine’s election issue. (New York)
The cover of New York magazine’s election issue. (New York)

Donald Trump has been on so many magazine covers in this campaign that he says he doesn’t have enough room on the walls of his Trump Tower office to display them all. But chances are the Republican nominee wouldn’t want to put this one up, anyway.

New York magazine created a striking cover of Trump for its new election issue, enlisting Barbara Kruger — the artist behind its iconic Eliot Spitzer cover — to brand the brash Manhattan real estate mogul and unlikely GOP White House hopeful a “loser.” (Trump has long been obsessed with the concept of winning, and frequently brands his foes as “losers.”)

According to New York magazine editor in chief Adam Moss, the latest cover can be interpreted in several different ways.

“As Trump speaking (single word epithets being his specialty); as a description of Trump; and as a call on the election result,” Moss explained on the magazine’s website. “On this latter point, who knows — and we confess to being a little rattled when the … news [of FBI Director James Comey’s letter] broke just as were shipping it. But in the end we felt that the power of Kruger’s image transcended any one meaning you could read into it.”

Moss added: “The issue analyzes many aspects of Trump’s extraordinary candidacy, and an important point is spelled out in the headline we appended to the bottom corner: Trump has already changed America, not much for the better. Which adds a fourth meaning: in that sense we are all losers too.”

Of course it’s not the first time Trump’s campaign has been the subject of scathing glossy critiques.

In August, Time magazine published a cover featuring an illustration of Trump’s dripping face above a single-word cover line: “Meltdown.”

“It looks as if someone took a flame thrower to the face of Trump’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds,” Callum Borchers wrote in the Washington Post.

Earlier this month — following Trump’s poor debate performances and the release of the explosive 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape, in which he was caught boasting about kissing and groping women without their consent — Time updated its August cover to depict what it called the candidate’s “Total Meltdown.”