Provocative new pro-Obamacare ads urge single women to enroll in exchanges

Chris Moody
Yahoo News


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From the folks who brought you the "brosurance" campaign that promotes the affordable care act comes a new line of ads aimed at reminding young women the new law will subsidize their birth control.

The online ads were created by two nonprofit groups, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now, to encourage young people to enroll in the exchanges.


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The new round of ads don't leave out the boys altogether.

Why doesn't the guy have any pants on? Who cares! He has insurance.



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The group first started the ad campaign last month, and the spots were mistakenly attributed to the Department of Health and Human Services and public state officials who run the exchange in Colorado.

A member Congress, Colorado Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, asked HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about one of the early ads that showed college students doing a keg stand.

Since the Oct. 1 launch, only about 50,000 people have enrolled through, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, far short of the administration's goals for the program.

Many groups are placing particular emphasis on convincing young, healthy people to sign up to help subsidize older insurance seekers.

Conservatives who oppose the law are taking a similar approach. The Washington-based group Generation Opportunity is throwing parties in college towns across the country where models urge young people to sign a promise not to enroll.


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