Breaking Bad viewership: New Mexico, New York post most Facebook updates about 'Breaking Bad'

Daniel Bean
‘Breaking Bad’ Generates 23 Million Facebook Interactions Since Final Episodes Premiered (Exclusive)

New Mexicans: Fire up your TiVos.

According to new data from Facebook emailed to Yahoo News, New Mexico, New York and Arizona are the three states that post most often about the hit show "Breaking Bad." Facebook's survey tracked 23 million status updates and posts concerning the popular AMC show -- which, you may have heard, ends its series run this weekend -- since the beginning of the second half of its final season on August 11th.

And wouldn't you know it? The show set in the Southwest is also attracting a lot of attention from those who actually live in the Southwest, with Arizona and New Mexico taking two of the top three slots among states in Facebook's report. We don't know exactly how much more popular "Breaking Bad" is in New Mexico than New York because, unfortunately, Facebook did not release that part of its meth-odology.

America placed first among countries posting about "Breaking Bad" on Facebook; other top countries stoked to learn the fate of Walter White include Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel. You can check out the full lists below.

Top 10 Countries Ranked by Percentage of Monthly Active Users Mentioning “Breaking Bad”

1.       United States
2.       Canada
3.       United Kingdom
4.       Australia
5.       Israel
6.       New Zealand
7.       Peru
8.       Sweden
9.       Norway
10.     Spain

Top 10 US States Ranked by Percentage of Monthly Active Users Mentioning “Breaking Bad”
1.       New Mexico
2.       New York
3.       Arizona
4.       Rhode Island
5.       Massachusetts
6.       California
7.       New Hampshire
8.       Idaho
9.       Illinois
10.     Pennsylvania