The Never-Trump group Lincoln Project arranges 100,000 body bags in brutal new ad

You can read about various ways President Trump has failed to live up to the COVID-19 challenge in thoughtful articles by doctors, historians, conservative journalists, and dozens of other op-eds and analyses, but the Lincoln Project is betting that Trump and an American flag made up of body bags convey the gist of that story quicker and more effectively. The group, formed by prominent anti-Trump conservatives and Republicans, released such an ad on Tuesday night.

The tagline and title of the ad — "100,000 dead Americans. One wrong president" — is a little premature, perhaps. According to Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. had only 98,929 official COVID-19 deaths as of Wednesday morning, out of 1.68 million cases, though both numbers are likely undercounts. No other country has reported more than 392,000 COVID-19 cases or 38,000 deaths.

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