Nevada teacher Michael Landsberry hailed as hero

Mike Krumboltz

Nevada middle school teacher Michael Landsberry, who was killed in a school shooting on Monday, is being praised for his courage when confronting the shooter.

Landsberry, a former U.S. Marine who served in Afghanistan, was married and had two step-children, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. During the attack at Sparks Middle School that left two students wounded and the alleged shooter dead, Landsberry, 45, reportedly rushed to intervene.

His brother, Reggie Landsberry told CNN, "That was the kind of person that Michael was. He was the kind of person that if somebody needed help, he would be there."

That description, of a brave and selfless man who was eager to assist those in trouble, came from other voices as well.

Chandra Landsberry, married to Michael's brother, told the RGJ that she wasn't surprised to learn of her brother-in-law's heroics. "To hear he was trying to protect those kids, that he stepped up and tried to stop the situation, doesn’t surprise me at all. He could have ducked and hid, but he didn’t. That’s not who he is.”

Children who appeared to have been students of Landsberry expressed shock and sadness on Twitter. They also shared memories of Landsberry's good humor.

His school website included what he called his one sacred classroom rule: "Thou shall not annoy Mr. L."

He also wrote, "One of my goals is to earn your respect while you earn mine. I believe that with mutual respect that the classroom environment will run smoothly."

A Facebook page honoring Landsberry has over 13,000 likes. One recent comment is particularly telling.

Via Remembering Mr. Michael Landsberry:

I Just want everyone to know how A.W.E.S.O.M.E and brave this man was. He saved my Jojo's life (my son) and some of Jojo's friends lives today. The shooter again was aiming at my son and his friends and as Mr. Landsberry stood in front of them shielding them from the worst. The shooter took this teachers' life as Mr. Landsberry shielded and gave time for our kids to get to safety. He is a true H.E.R.O in my book and always will be!♥ Rest in peace Mr. Landsberry. Our condolences to all the victims involved and their families. - Mari Cazares