Netherlands Aims To Ban All Non-Electric Cars By 2025

The sale of all diesel and petrol cars could be banned by 2025 in the Netherlands if a proposed law to make all new cars electric passes.

The new law wouldn’t ban the use of existing petrol and diesel cars but all new car models would have to be emissions-free.

The majority of the lower house in the Dutch parliament supported the motion, which would also see the ban of fuel-efficient hybrid car models.

While it’s still unclear whether the proposal will pass and become law, the ambitious plan would involve car manufacturers getting on board to produce enough electric vehicles to meet demand.

The latest electric cars have shorter charging times and longer ranges, benefits that emission-free car evangelists hope will help make them appeal to users of traditional petrol and diesel cars.

Sales of electric cars are slowly increasing, while Tesla’s recently announced ‘affordble’ Model 3 has received a record number of pre-orders.

Image credit: WestEnd61/REX/Shutterstock

Via: Science Alert