Netflix And Tim Burton Called Out For Racist Portrayals Of Black Characters In 'Wednesday'

Netflix‘s new series Wednesday has had viewers locked in since its debut. The series premiered on Nov. 23, and TV Line reports that it has racked up over 340 million viewer hours during its first week.

The plot of the supernatural series revolves around the teenage daughter of Addams family, Wednesday Adams. Legendar storyteller Tim Burton directed the first four episodes and executive produced the series. The show features a diverse cast, with serval Latin actors in lead roles, including Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia. The cast also includes Nigerian actress Joy Sunday and Hollywood newcomer Iman Marson.

Viewers were happy to see the Black and brown cast upon the premiere of the series. Ortega is the first non-white actress cast in the lead role of a Burton production. However, as the show progressed, fans noticed some racist undertones and microaggressions. Viewers have expressed distaste for Black characters portraying villains, bullies and corrupt individuals. claims that because of these typecasts, Burton has been hit with accusiations of being raciest. Viewers are also calling out Netflix for being tone deaf to what’s happening on the show.

Although the show seems to be gaining viewers daily, some have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Content creator @DoctorJonPaul stated that the Black “trouble maker” narrative was a common theme with Netflix.

@TheHoneyMa called out Burton for some past statements he had regarding Black people not fitting into his “visions.”

She even brought receipts from a past article in The Washington Post.

The article is titled, “Tim Burton Explains Why His Movies Are Full of White People.”

Screenwriter @BeeBabs mentioned the irony of Burton using Black characters to defend mass genocide.

@TyTyKing1 shared a cringeworthy screen shot of the scene that @BeeBabs tweeted about. 

Social Influencer @KHAENOTBAE wasn’t fond of how Burton intentionally has Sunday wearing weird blue contacts.

Even to the point of being scary.

A scene where Morticia, a white woman looks a Black man in the face and says, “People like you don’t know what it’s like to not be believed,” was a dealbreaker for @Fanoniscanon.

@Luffyslover loved the casting of the Latin actors, but couldn’t get past Burton’s racist undertones when it came to Black actors.