Netflix will let current subscribers keep their lower prices for 2 more years

Brad Reed
Netflix’s list of America’s fastest ISPs in January – did yours make the cut?

We know that Netflix is raising subscription prices for new subscribers, but the company said this year that current subscribers will be able to keep their current lower prices for an undefined amount of time. Now thanks to CNBC, we know just how much more time longtime Netflix subscribers have to enjoy their lower subscription fees: Two more years. Netflix said this week that it will increase monthly subscription fees for new customers by $1 per month in the United States, which means that anyone who now signs up for the service will be paying $8.99 per month. However, those of us who have been enjoying Netflix’s streaming services for a while now will be able to keep paying just $7.99 per month for the next couple of years before we get boosted up to the higher rates.

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