Netflix launches classic Grand Theft Auto games for subscribers

grand theft auto the trilogy definitive edition
Netflix launches classic GTA games free for subsRockstar Games

Netflix has made three classic Grand Theft Auto games free for subscribers.

As of today (December 14), the mobile versions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition — that's GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas — can be downloaded to your iOS/Android phones and tablets for no extra cost.

These Definitive Editions are the remasters that launched on consoles and PC in 2021, and have only now come to mobile.

grand theft auto the trilogy definitive edition
Rockstar Games

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You might remember that the Definitive Edition trilogy launched to quite the backlash over bugs and glitches, bizarre art direction changes and spelling mistakes in AI-upscaled background shop signs.

As a result, Rockstar began patching the console and PC versions and delayed the mobile versions due out in 2022 until now. The developer has promised that improvements have been made for mobile, and that there is a 'Classic Lighting' mode to restore the colour choices of the original PS2 and Xbox releases.

Digital Spy very briefly tested GTA III through Netflix and can confirm that you can use a traditional controller, but didn't play for long enough to make a detailed analysis.

We also expect a lot of comparison videos from fans and outlets over the next few days diving into any and all changes from the console and PC versions.

grand theft auto san andreas

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The games can be downloaded from the Netflix app, either by going into the games tab or finding them on the main menu.

You can also download them from the App Store/Google Play Store for free and then sign into Netflix, just make sure you download the version with the Netflix logo on the app icon.

The versions without the Netflix logo are either the older, non-remastered mobile versions, or separate apps for the Definitive Editions that you can pay for and keep. Again, it's not known whether save files would work across these different versions, but hopefully we'll get the answers soon.

gta vice city

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Meanwhile, it's been announced that GTA V will be one of the free games available for PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium subscribers from next week.

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