Nerf unveils a mascot made of 10,000 Nerf darts — and people are terrified. ‘Kill it’

There’s something about Nerf’s new mascot that has some Twitter users terrified.

It could be that it’s made up of 10,000 Nerf darts, or maybe that it measures more than six Nerf Blasters tall. (That’s about 6 feet, depending on the blaster used to measure this new creature.)

Or, maybe it’s that when Nerf Nation got its first look at Murph, the giant mascot was seen walking into a hazy room as the sound of its steps echoed for all to hear. Or, possibly, it’s that Murph has no facial features.

Whatever it is, Murph has many people in fear.

“Listen y’all, we have no idea what the new Nerf mascot is capable of,” one Twitter user wrote. “If you see it you must immediately try to kill it. It may plead for its life but you have to finish the job. Better safe than sorry and whatnot.”

Murph has some Twitters users terrified.
Murph has some Twitters users terrified.

Another Twitter user described Murph as a “big weird featureless terrifying gun-toting bigfoot thing made of foam darts.”

While terrified, this particular user loves the “nightmare” mascot — and thanks Nerf “for this floppy affront to God.”

Murph is Nerf’s first mascot, according to Adweek, and it was designed to represent “ageless, unbridled fun that lives in all of us and creates a physical embodiment of that feeling you get when you play with Nerf.”

The mascot is part of an “Unleash the Play in You” marketing campaign and uses “they, them and their pronouns,” Adweek reported.

“The folks at Hasbro are on some serious Acid for coming up with this Murph the Nerf Mascot,” one Twitter user said. Another user thought Murph might be their old “pal” from their days working at the car wash together.

Nerf, though, says Murph was based on research that shows parents want their children to experience “active play” like they once did as kids, according to Adweek.

Murph is “the true embodiment of ‘it’s Nerf or nothing,’” the brand said in the mascot’s introduction reel.

And, in the reel, beloved Nerf fans are seen taking lots of photos of Murph — and they don’t look even the slightest bit scared.

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