Nepal demands compensation from Russia for fighters killed in Ukraine

Narayan Prakash Saud
Narayan Prakash Saud

Nepal’s Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud has urged Russia to compensate the families of Nepalese nationals who died fighting in the war against Ukraine, AP reported on Jan. 25.

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Saud stated that over 200 Nepalese citizens had been recruited by Russia to participate in the war, with at least 14 confirmed dead. Nepal has called on Russia to "immediately cease" the recruitment of its citizens, and to repatriate those already serving, as well as the remains of those killed.

“We have asked Russia to immediately stop the recruitment of Nepalese nationals in their army, immediately return those who are already serving in the army, repatriate the bodies of those killed, and treat and return those who were wounded in the fighting,” said the minister.

He added that Nepal also expects Russia to provide monetary compensation to the families of Nepalese nationals who were killed fighting in Ukraine.

Finally, Saud said that five Nepalese fighters were captured by Ukrainian forces.

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“We have information that five of our citizens who fought on behalf of the Russians are being held captive by the Ukraine side,” he said.

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“We are asking the Russian side to take initiatives to get them freed.”

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The report adds that Ukraine is “also believed” to have Nepalese citizens fighting for its cause, but Saud stated the ministry has no information to confirm this.

On Sept. 3, 2023, UK intelligence reported that Russia was seeking to recruit foreigners to fight against Ukraine to avoid declaring a new mobilization ahead of the March 2024 presidential elections.

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