Neighbors describe Brooklyn apartment where dismembered body was found as troubled

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A Brooklyn woman being held by police after a decapitated, dismembered man’s body was found in her refrigerator and freezer was overheard by a neighbor saying she was going to jail as cops searched her apartment.

Heather Stines, 44, is being held by cops on past petty larceny charges after they made the grisly discovery in her kitchen on Monday evening following a call-in tip about a possible body in the Flatbush residence.

Neither Stines nor anyone else has been charged in connection with the corpse.

“She was saying, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to jail,’ ” neighbor Germaine Roberts told the Daily News on Wednesday. “They wouldn’t let her in the apartment.”

Roberts, 53, watched as investigators photographed the scene.

“From my kitchen, I can see into her kitchen and I could see them taking the photos with the forensic light,” she added. “I could see them when they put the markers.”

Stines has a history of petty crime and was arrested for swiping COVID-19 tests and drinks months apart from the same Flatbush pharmacy, along with a “manscape electronic” device from a Target store, according to court documents.

The city medical examiner will determine how the victim died, but his body needs to thaw before an autopsy can be done, said a source.

Cops have an idea of who the victim is, said the source, adding that the body parts may have been stored in the apartment for up to a year.

“The refrigerator was taped up,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said at a Tuesday news briefing. “They were trying to hole up, I guess, the smell inside.”

Stines’ brother-in-law Timothy McGee said he didn’t believe she was responsible for the dismemberment.

“She does not have it in her to do something like this. It’s a lot of commitment,” said McGee, whose brother Nicholas McGee is married to Stines.

McGee, 57, said he and his brother moved to New York with their wives after their mother died in 2014, going on to spend years in shelters.

“We were at the Third St. Men’s Shelter downtown. My wife was in [the] White Plains shelter, but Heather was put in [the] Tillary St. Women’s Shelter because she used to fight with everyone at the other shelter.”

McGee last spoke to his brother, who is incarcerated, around Christmas.

“He seemed fine and he told me that his wife was holding the fort. He does not know what’s happening here.

“I will have to break the news to him because he thinks he’s coming back to a home, his wife,” the brother added. “But he does not know it has all turned into a crime scene.”

Law enforcement sources said Stines struggled with drug abuse and her apartment was filthy.

People who shared the building with her were stunned by the grisly news.

“I would see different people going in and out of her apartment. That’s every day,” said May Paige, 35. “I’m just surprised they found a body in there.”

“It’s crazy, you watch ‘Dateline’ and then this happens in this building,” said a neighbor who gave her name as Monica, 50.