Neighbors give back to Mississippi couple on fixed income

BYHALIA, Miss. — Living on a fixed income takes some juggling, and often, that’s still not enough. That’s why some friends and neighbors in Byhalia, Mississippi reached out to WREG for help.

Cathy Smith met Keith and Barbara Tabor when her family moved to Byhalia years ago.

“He has always been a friend of my husband. Anytime my husband’s out of town, he was always right there. If he had to get a snake or if he just had to fix something, he was always there to check on me,” Cathy said.

Now the tables have turned and she looks after Keith and his wife. At 78 years old, Keith’s health is failing and he’s no longer able to work.

“We try to help some. We cut the grass for him and we do little things, but they need more than what we can do for them,” she said.

We headed over to the Tabors and found Keith sitting on the porch. Cathy had him hold out his hand so she could give him the Pass It On surprise — $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donor.

Seconds later, Barbara walks out and she’s just as surprised and grateful.

“Our utility bills. Our house note. Food. All kinds of wonderful thing. When you’re old, people don’t realize, people don’t realize you need all those things. The heat the last few months, a $500 utility bill,” Barbara said.

We arrived just in time to make the day a lot brighter.

“Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I appreciate it, we really do. Y’all do so much good things. I just never thought I would be on the receiving end,” Barbara said.

One thousand dollars may not be the answer to all their problems, but after we left Barbara told Cathy that’s the best night’s sleep she’s had in a long time.

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