Neflix to stream season 2 of ‘Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.’ When to watch

Netflix will stream a second season of “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal” Sept. 20 that will include interviews with the family’s housekeeper and the caregiver to the aging matriarch, both of whom testified against Alex Murdaugh.

“Blanca (Turrubiate-Simpson) and Shelly (Smith) were some of the strongest witnesses that actually testified, especially because they were there the day of the murders,” co-executive producer Julia Willoughby Nason told Men’s Health magazine. “They were very, very close to the family.”

Turrubiate-Simpson, the housekeeper, testified about going into the house after the murders and conversations she had with Maggie Murdaugh, who along with son Paul Murdaugh, were shot to death on the property in 2021.

Smith testified about Alex Murdaugh coming to his mother’s house a few times after the murders and at one point bringing a mysterious blue tarp.

Co-director/co–executive producer Michael Gasparro told Vanity Fair, which was first to report the new episodes, it was the “trial of the century.”

Nason told Vanity Fair they decided to present the new episodes as if the viewer was living the crime as it unfolded. They used videos from police body cams and interrogations as well as Court TV’s trial coverage.

“We didn’t want to be doing any kind of recap,” she said.

Also interviewed was Curtis “Eddie” Smith, known colloquially as Cousin Eddie, who has been charged with insurance fraud in a scheme in which Alex wanted Smith to shoot him so surviving son Buster Murdaugh could get millions from a life insurance policy.

Smith has said he did meet Murdaugh but did not shoot him. Alex Murdaugh suffered a grazing wound to the head.

Those also appearing in season two include Paul’s ex-girlfriend Morgan Daughty and friend Anthony Cook, who dated Mallory Beach, the young woman who died in a boating accident for which Paul was charged and awaiting trial when he died. They appeared in the first season as well.

The first season was about the deaths of Stephen Smith, a classmate of son Buster, family housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, and Beach.

Alex Murdaugh was convicted a week after the first season aired in February. He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. He is in protective custody in a South Carolina prison.