A necrophiliac who sexually abused 99 corpses in hospital mortuaries over a 12 year period is jailed for double murder

David Fuller's hospital swipe card
David Fuller used his hospital swipe card to gain access to mortuaries where he committed his offenses, the court heard. Kent Police
  • A British hospital worker has admitted to the 1987 murders of two women, a court heard on Thursday.

  • David Fuller, 67, also admitted to sexually abusing the corpses of women, and three children, over a 12 year period.

  • Fuller said he would work late shifts and prowl the morgue when other staff members had left.

When British detectives were searching the house of a 67-year-old hospital worker in connection with the murder of two women, they found hidden computer drives, CDs, and memory cards detailing years of grisly sexual offenses, Sky News reported.

David Fuller, who pleaded guilty on Thursday to the 1987 murders of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce, also admitted to sexually abusing the corpses of women and children for 12 years, per BBC News.

More than 14 million images uncovered by detectives unveiled countless horrors, including child pornography and footage of Fuller sexually assaulting dead bodies at hospitals in Kent, England.

Hard drives and handwritten diaries, hidden behind furniture, detailed the ages of those he molested between 2008 and 2020, Sky News reported. His youngest was a child, aged nine, and his oldest victim was a 100-year-old woman, the media outlet said.

Fuller said the offenses took place within hospital morgues, where he worked as a technical supervisor since 1989, per Sky News. According to the BBC, investigators said Fuller would work late shifts and go into the morgue when other staff members had left.

Investigators have so far detected 99 potential morgue victims, of which 78 have been identified, but believe there may be hundreds more, Sky News said.

Kent Police are "working to identify any further victims and specialist officers will contact families who may be directly affected by this case privately," a spokesperson told Sky News.

It has cost £1.5m ($2m) to draft 150 police-family liaison officers tasked with visiting the families of victims in Kent, Sussex, and Essex, in southeast England, per reports.

The Daily Mail reported that, less than a month ago, officers delivered the news to Nevres Kemal that her daughter had been raped by Fuller three times after she died.

Kemal was arrested after arriving at the police station Fuller was being held at with a knife, the media outlet said. He is not going to get away with this," she told the Mail.

A date for Fuller's sentencing has yet to be set.

Several MPs and a women's charity are now calling for a public inquiry into how Fuller was able to commit sex attacks for more than a decade, according to the Bury Times.

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