Nearly 77,000 pounds of marijuana worth $76.5 million seized in Newberg

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The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office seized nearly 77,000 pounds of marijuana worth $76.5 million in Newberg on Tuesday.

A search warrant was served for the address located in the 1400 block of NE Stone Road. Approximately 76,930 pounds of processed marijuana was seized, according to the sheriff's office. No licenses or permits for growing or processing marijuana were found for the address or individuals who were there.

The sheriff's office said the property served as a processing facility, and evidence recovered by investigators suggests this is part of a large-scale organized drug trafficking organization.

Investigators found multiple firearms and around $80,000 in cash. Receipts showing multiple large wire transfers going from Oregon to Michoacan, Mexico, were also found at the property.

The retail value for the marijuana found is also estimated to be valued at approximately $269 million on the East Coast.

Five Newberg men were arrested on the property and were arraigned on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. for alleged unlawful manufacture of a marijuana item and unlawful possession of marijuana.:

  • Ulises Valdovinos Chavez, 28

  • Luis Guerrero Rubio, 32

  • Jose Alfredo Esquivel, 30

  • Miguel Angel Valdovinos Chavez, 23

  • Francisco Franco Rodriguez, 23

All five are lodged in Yamhill County Jail. The group's next court date is Oct. 26 at 1:30 p.m.

The sheriff's office said this is their largest marijuana seizure.

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This article originally appeared on Salem Statesman Journal: Nearly 77,000 pounds of marijuana worth $76.5 million seized in Newberg