Nearly 500 people ‘kept in Russian torture dungeons’ near Kherson – Ukrainian official

The city of Kherson
The city of Kherson

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Tasheva said that Russian troops are targeting Ukrainian veterans and activists who protested against the illegal occupation and annexation of Crimea by Russia. People are being kidnapped from their homes, she said.

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“This is exactly what we saw in Crimea in 2014,” said Tasheva.

“Their troops were followed by the subjugation of media, activists, and journalists; afterwards, they held that so-called ‘referendum’ (in Crimea).”

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She added that Russia is deporting Ukrainian citizens from mainland Ukraine to Crimea. Concentration camps are being set up near the peninsula’s border with Kherson Oblast, where detained Ukrainians are kept without passports and checked to see if they have any history of anti-Russia activity.

According to reports from Ukrainians who have been in such concentration camps, those that are deemed by the Russians to be “anti-Russian” are “filtered” from the other detainees.

Their fate is unknown.