Some NE Ohio communities considering a cannabis business ban

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio (WJW) — Although it is now legal in Ohio to use marijuana, some cities are mulling over a ban on cannabis businesses.

One month after voters passed Issue 2, allowing the possession and growth of marijuana, North Royalton banned cannabis operators within city limits.

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The legislation stated the decision was in the interest of “the preservation of the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the city.”

“People were concerned that having those businesses in the city would bring about a lot of different traffic into the city,” said Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz about community feedback. “The children obviously would have more access. I don’t think it stops it but they would have more access in the city.”

Banning operators is a trend that might catch on. Similar potential legislation is under consideration by Strongsville City Council. In Broadview Heights, a 12-month moratorium for marijuana-related activities passed last year. However, council president, Robert Boldt said the change was unrelated.

“This has nothing to do with the legalities of Issue 2,” Boldt said in a written statement. “When Issue 2 was passed, not all the rules and regulations were stipulated. in January, the rules and regulations were defined. The city of Broadview Heights wants time to review them.”

North Royalton City Council President Paul Marnecheck said additional clarity is needed from the state.

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“I look at this as a moratorium to allow the community to decide where we want this but also we still need to learn from the state how this is going to be administrated,” said Marnecheck.

A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Commerce said he could not provide a statement by publishing deadline.

“I don’t even know in six months if we’re still going to have the answers,” said Antoskiewicz. “By opting out and just waiting as we do with a lot of other things let’s let the air clear, let everything get worked all out, and then if people still want to entertain it we have the ability to do that.”

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