NCIS's Gibbs Used to Be Married to Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine

NCIS is finally filling in a major blank in the life story of one Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

The show has cast Star Trek vet Jeri Ryan as Gibbs' fourth ex-wife Rebecca, has learned.

"After 12 seasons there was still one ex-wife to cast opposite Gibbs and we found her in the beautiful and talented Jeri Ryan," showrunner Gary Glasberg said in a statement. "We're all very excited to have Jeri join us for a storyline that's chock full of surprises." The actress will make her debut on the show in January.

Rebecca is the only one of Gibbs' exes whom viewers haven't yet met. His other three ex-wives—all redheads—are 1) Shannon (Darby Stanchfield), who was murdered along with the couple's eight-year-old daughter by a Mexican drug dealer, 2) Diane (Melinda McGraw), who drained Gibbs' bank account before leaving him and who is also the ex of Agent Fornell (Joe Spano), and 3) Stephanie (Kathleen York), who also left Gibbs.

Are you looking forward to meeting Rebecca?