NBC Journalist Appears To Wonder Why U.S. Wouldn't Just Attack Russian Convoy

NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel came under fire Monday after posting a tweet that seemed to lament that the U.S. had not yet attacked Russia for invading Ukraine.

Engel noted Monday that a massive Russian convoy was in a position to be destroyed by the U.S. or NATO and said that direct involvement against Russia would risk “everything,” meaning a nuclear war.

However, in the next sentence, he said, “Does the West watch in silence as it rolls?”

But as Reason.com noted, “the U.S. cannot attack Russia because Congress has yet to declare war on the country. And make no mistake, a direct attack on Russian forces by either the U.S. or NATO would be an act of war” and dramatically increase the risk of nuclear warfare.

Many Twitter users were shocked that Engel seemed almost eager to get his war on and also tried to remind him: Be careful what you wish for.

Some people offered advice to Engel in hopes he’d rethink the point he was making in his tweet.

HuffPost reached out to Engel for comment on the reaction to his tweet, but no one immediately responded.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.