NBA Players and Old People Make for Adorable Instagrams

Sam Laird
December 17, 2012
Kobe Bryant Finally Joins Twitter -- Kind Of
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This just in from the Department of D'aww: NBA players working out senior citizens in the name of healthy living make for some pretty adorable Instagrams.

The Oklahoma City Thunder visited Woodson Park Senior Activity Center on Saturday to put on a hoops clinic for seniors interested in learning basketball fundamentals and staying in shape. The team's social media squad was smart enough to recognize an awesome opportunity when it saw one, and posted several really great photos to the OKCThunder Instagram account. Here below are some of our favorites:

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1. Kevin Durant Huddles 'Em Up

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2. Perry Jones Makes a New Friend

3. Perry Jones and His New Friend Practice Dribbling

4. Kevin Durant Makes a New Friend

5. Perry Jones Leads Some Calisthenics

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