Reserve naval aviation commanders eligible for $100,000 bonus

The Navy is offering $100,000 to reserve officers through the Training and Administration of the Reserve Aviation Command Retention Bonus — the same amount offered last year.

Officers will receive the bonus in an initial payment of $34,000, plus two additional annual payments of $33,000 for at least another three years of service that includes a post-command commander tour.

“Our cadre of commander commanding officers lead our Naval Aviation Enterprise and are the major commanders and flag officers of tomorrow,” according to a new naval administrative message. “Their skills and leadership experience are essential to the success of the Navy.”

Those eligible to apply must be shown on the FY21 through FY23 Aviation Command Screen Board as the commander of an eligible operational, operational training or special mission command, the NAVADMIN said.

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The service obligation concludes after 22 years of service, the projected rotation date of the assigned post-command commander tour, or three years from contract acceptance date — depending on which ends last.

Those who are part of the training and administration program are Navy Reserve officers on active duty who handle management and training of Naval Reserve forces, according to the Navy.

The Navy stressed the significance of retention bonuses in its budget request, which dropped earlier this month amid challenges keeping and recruiting new sailors and officers.

“Retention has … been difficult with a strong national economy, so bonuses and incentives to retain our current naval force [are] a priority,” the budget document says.

The Navy surpassed its retention goals for FY22 and is also ahead on FY23 monthly retention targets, Navy Times previously reported.