A Native American Tribe Plans to Open the First Marijuana Resort

Imagine that!

In the near future, you might be able to puff on a joint while playing black jack or cranking the handle of a slot machine. That’s right, a tribe in South Dakota plans to open a marijuana-friendly casino, replete with a hotel, buffalo ranch, arcade, bar, nightclub, and a store to buy weed at, Mashable reports.

The 400-person Santee Sioux tribe would be the first to open a marijuana resort on its reservation. “We want it to be an adult playground,” said tribal president Anthony Reider. “There’s nowhere else in America that has something like this.”

Recreational marijuana use is already legal in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and D.C., but public consumption of the drug is still illegal in those areas. There are even marijuana camps, weed-friendly hotels, and “bud and breakfasts” across these legal states, but a multi-use marijuana resort such as the type the Santee Sioux tribe is proposing has never been done before.

In June, the Justice Department issued a new policy that allows Native American tribes to grow and sell marijuana on their reservations under the same conditions as some states. The new policy has been hailed as a business opportunity for a number of tribes, some of which are struggling economically.

Santee Sioux is also in the process of building their first growing facility, which will have approximately 30 different strains. They hope to generate up to $2 million a month and will be launching their new venture on December 31.

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