It's National Mimosa Day: How to celebrate the cocktail that's often the star of brunch

A group of friends share a mimosa toast at brunch.
A group of friends share a mimosa toast at brunch.

Brunch babes are no strangers to bottomless mimosas. And, though it doesn't fall on a Sunday, mimosa lovers can celebrate their favorite drink all day today because it's National Mimosa Day!

When it comes to mimosas, it's not uncommon to see captions such as “A mimosa a day keeps the bad vibes away" thrown around on social media with photos of friends getting their mimosa fix. And, according to National Day Calendar, today is the perfect day to celebrate the brunch beverage to the fullest.

Expect to see some posts on Instagram, TikTok and other social media sites with the hashtag #NationalMimosaDay as people honor the drink that's served in a tall champagne glass.

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When is National Mimosa Day?

National Mimosa Day is celebrated every year on May 16.

What is a mimosa?

It's a cocktail that is usually served at brunch and doesn't require some genius alchemist to create. A mimosa is very simple to make.

Why is it called a mimosa?

The beloved brunch beverage is named after the mimosa plant which is also called the Mimosa pudica. It is also known as the sensitive plant. According to National Calendar Day, it is a flowering plant that is a yellow orangish color similar to that of a traditional mimosa.

What's in a mimosa?

According to the Food Network, a mimosa is a cocktail that is equal parts orange juice and champagne or sparkling wine and that it says tastes as "good as the quality of those two ingredients."

Although a mimosa is typically made with orange juice, it can also be made with other juices and with fresh fruit added.

Is a mimosa an alcoholic drink?

Yes. In the U.S., people should be at least 21 years old before they attempt to drink a mimosa. According to Days of the Year, "an average mimosa has around 12% alcohol by volume (ABV)."

Non-alcoholic mimosas are popular too

Do you still want to participate but don't drink alcohol? No problem!

Alex and Sonja Overhiser, cookbook authors and founders of the website, published a recipe. online that recommends mixing equal parts orange juice and ginger ale, instead of champagne to make a virgin mimosa.

They add that fresh orange juice is best for making mimosas. states that orange juice can also be mixed with alcohol-free sparkling wine, citrus flavored sparkling water or just sparkling water to create a mock-mimosa, but recommends using the alcohol-free wine over the water.

How to celebrate National Mimosa Day

National Calendar Day states people can observe the special holiday by preparing a couple of mimosas and pairing them with brunch.

People can also learn how to make them for special events, or even try a new non-traditional mimosa recipe.

"It's an excellent day for practicing toasts for those big occasions, too," states the website.

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