NASA releases new video from Perseverance rover

NASA has released a high-quality video of the Perseverance rover landing on Mars. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory landing team shared the three-minute video Monday. Five of the six descent cameras provided stunning footage of the Red Planet. (Feb. 22)

Video Transcript

AL CHEN: So here we are slowing down and stopping, and we're coming straight down on our eventual landing site here. You can see that as we really begin to slow down here, you can see the engines as we get lower throttle up there and stop us here. And you can see it beginning to push all that dust around on the ground on the two sides.

- Perseverance has now slowed to subsonic speeds and the heat shield has been separated.

- Nav filter converge. Lastly solution, 3.3 meters per second. Altitude 7.4 kilometers.

- Now has radar lock on the ground. For confirmation that the lander vision system has produced a valid solution and part of Terrain Relative Navigation.

- Priming. TBA is all nominal.


- We have priming of the landing engines.

JUSTIN MAKI: The next frame shows the full panorama, from the navcam, stitched together. We're still working out calibration of things. So this is approximate color. But it just gives you a feel for our new environment that we're going to explore.