Name Your Price for Gadgets on New 'Priceline for Tech' Site

Samantha Murphy

Want to buy a specific camera for someone for the holidays, but can't find it in your budget range? A new website called Greentoe is bringing price negotiation to the consumer electronics world -- think Priceline for gadgets.

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The website, which launched in October, allows shoppers to name their price on anything from brand name TVs to camera lenses.

Here's how it works: After finding a product, users can submit an offer for what they would pay. Greentoe then notifies its network of retail partners to see if a merchant will accept. If a deal is made, the item ships to consumers directly from the retailer, which can be anything from a small to big-box company.

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"When you walk into a Best Buy, you can't haggle with employees for the price you want," Joe Marrapodi, CEO and co-founder Greentoe, told Mashable. "There wasn't a way to ask for a lower price, so we wanted to develop a way to do it digitally."

One example highlighted on the e-commerce site is that a shopper recently shaved $50 off a Fujifilm camera, bringing the price from $263 to $213. Not a bad deal.

So could this be the new Priceline for the tech world? Maybe. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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