N.Y. town supervisor seeks halt to migrants being sent from NYC

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At a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, Orangetown, N.Y., Supervisor Teresa Kenny testified about the attempt to block New York City Mayor Eric Adams's plan to house migrants in her town.

Video Transcript

CHIP ROY: Your community has been dramatically impacted by the number of individuals that have been dumped in your community. Can you quickly-- it's just a matter of time-- explain how much that has negatively impacted your community?

TERESA KENNY: I'm from Orangetown in Rockland County. We actually obtained a restraining order to prevent them from coming until it goes through the court system. The county just north of us has received hundreds and hundreds at this point, and I can't speak for them.

CHIP ROY: And you have had hotels filled up with single-- often single-- males that are filling up places so that needy individuals aren't able to get facilities and aren't able to get the resources they need. Is that true?

TERESA KENNY: Yeah. The goal of Mayor Adams was to send 340 single adult men to a hotel in my town. It's been put on hold by the courts.

CHIP ROY: And where is your town again?

TERESA KENNY: In Orangetown, which is 30 miles north of New York City.

CHIP ROY: OK. So not on the southern border of the United States?


CHIP ROY: And so this is something we're dealing with, as my friend from Arizona, Mr. Biggs, knows and my friend from California, Mr. McClintock, and others know on the border. We deal with it all the time in our communities in South Texas. But this is something that the entire country is now dealing with.