N. Lebanon Twp. officials try to buy Kimmerling Road property to fix hazardous intersection

The North Lebanon Township Board of Supervisors authorized township solicitor Amy Leonard Monday to do the legal paperwork needed for the township to purchase the property at 701 Kimmerlings Road.

Supervisors are speculating that the property will be beneficial for future improvements to the Kimmerlings Road and North Seventh Street intersection. The small two-story house sits at the northeast corner of what is considered a hazardous intersection. The intersection has been a topic of discussion at several supervisors' meetings.

"During my 20-plus years as supervisor the comment I have heard the most is 'When are you going to fix that intersection?" Board Chairman Ed Brensinger said.

Drivers pulling out onto North Seventh Street have limited sight distance to the south, due to the raised lot of the First Citizens Community Bank property and to the north because of the house at 701 Kimmerlings. Vehicles coming from the north are often traveling at a higher speed when they approach the intersection because the drivers have been traveling on a rural road with a higher speed limit.

The intersection has been the scene of numerous accidents over the years, including one in which a vehicle crashed into the house at 701 Kimmerlings. Supervisor Ardy Snook said his son was involved in an accident at the intersection. Fortunately, neither his son or wife, who was a passenger, were injured.

PennDOT did a study of the intersection in the past, at the request of the township, since North Seventh Street, Route 343, is a state highway, but the department did not recommend an improvement project. The only thing the township highway crew could do is to place a blinking light and reflective tape on the stop sign to increase its visibility to night drivers.

Brensinger said he has received information that the intersection is now on a PennDOT list for possible improvements and he believes the township's possession of the corner property will be an advantage if a project is proposed.

Snook said a roundabout would be a good project for the intersection and there would be enough property available to create one. A small house sits on the northwest corner, a dental office with a large front yard is located on the southwest corner, and the bank property with a landscaped yard is on the southeast corner.

The owner of the house at 701 Kimmerlings offered to sell the property to the township. The lot with the house and a separate adjacent lot will be purchased at the appraised value of $191,000. Brensinger said the house will be demolished.

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Regional police meeting set

A special meeting will be held to give the public the opportunity to learn about a Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development study on the viability of creating a regionalized police force, according to Township manager Lori Brooks. The meeting will take place at the Union Canal Elementary School on Thursday, September 28, at 6:00 p.m.

Snook encouraged the public to attend the meeting. He said at last month's meeting he believes a regionalization of the North Lebanon and North Cornwall Police Departments is a good plan. Police Chief Tim Knight agreed it was worth consideration.

Supervisors Gary Heisey and Brensinger said at that meeting they wanted to hear input from the public. Participants are asked to park in the main parking lot of the school and enter through the "Falcon" entrance.

Grant for safety equipment

Assistant Township manager Molly Lum learned that the grant for which she applied was approved and will provide $1,500 in safety equipment. "The highway crew will appreciate having the extra safety gear." said Brensinger.

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