Who Is the Mystery Girl Seen Leaving Epstein's Townhouse in 'Scoop'?

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Who Is the Mystery Girl in the Photo in 'Scoop'?Screenshot/Netflix
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In the opening scenes of Scoop, photographer Jae Donnelly stakes out Jeffrey Epstein's Upper East Side townhouse.

Before he captures images of Epstein and Prince Andrew, Donnelly snaps a young girl walking out. She goes unnoticed by the security guards stationed at the door, and the girl appears to look directly at Donnelly as she leaves.

Much later in the film, after the Newsnight interview has aired, the film shows the board of young women and girls who have been photographed in proximity to Epstein—including the person at the start of the movie. It zooms in on her, with the label, "Kristina Tyneham," near a Post-It note that reads "New York." Next to her image are other photographs, labeled Alice Affcott, Natalie Okonjo, and Jane Arrowcroft. To our knowledge, these are not real people—in fact, looking them up online yields no results in Google, so it is as if the Scoop production team went out of their way to find names that did not correspond to real people.

Likely, Kristina, and the other women, stand in for victims of Epstein. As NPR wrote earlier this year, "Dozens of young women have stepped forward to accuse Epstein of sexually victimizing and exploiting them. In court papers and trial testimony, they have described depraved actions perpetrated not only by Epstein but also by his friends and business associates."

Though Kristina is not a real person, in December 2010, there were photographs and video taken of a young brunette woman named Katherine Keating—the daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating—leaving Epstein's townhouse. As the Sydney Morning Herald writes, "Keating had visited Epstein's home after he was released from a Florida prison following his guilty plea to child sex charges, and on the same day Prince Andrew had been photographed walking in a New York park with Epstein, sparking a royal scandal which continues to dog the Prince."

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