This Myrtle Beach, SC gun store and range is moving to a new location. Here’s where

Editor’s note: The city 707 Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop is moving to was incorrect. 707 is moving to Myrtle Beach. (Updated 7:09 p.m. on 02/12/2024)

A Myrtle Beach gun shop and shooting range is re-opening at a new location soon.

The new address of 707 Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop is at 959 Lake Arrowhead Road in Myrtle Beach, close to Aloha Mini Golf.

Store owner Robert Battista said the new store should open in late February or early March and will do a grand opening event.

“We are very close. We’re painting; we’re putting down trim; I’m doing the finishing at this point,” Battista said. “The range is operational; the store is pretty well set up, (and) we’re doing the final clean up.”

Battista’s shop has been open for 30 years; the gun range opened for 11. Battista added that 707 had to relocate after the building owner of his previous location sold the property.

“We were always talking about (moving), but it was a major undertaking to move a range,” He said. “We’re on a year now to do that with the expansion and everything else.”

Battista said that the new facility is 14,000 square feet compared to 707’s previous location, which was less than 9,000 square feet. He added that the new store will have a training school and classroom, and the shooting range will have 10 lanes; the previous location had five.

Battista added that 707 gives range attendees who have never fired a gun before a 10-minute introductory gun handling lesson.

We’re trying to get the next generation of shooters out there. We’re trying to build customers, not consumers,” Battista said. “We’re really here trying to educate the gun market.”