Myers Park, SouthPark are most-viewed Charlotte neighborhoods on Zillow

Myers Park, with its plethora of luxury residential real estate, is a popular spot for Zillow users scrolling through Charlotte home listings.

That neighborhood, followed closely by SouthPark, drummed up the most interest from prospective homebuyers in a recent analysis of Zillow listing data by HouseFresh. It found that residential listings in Myers Park garnered more than 3,500 daily views on Zillow. SouthPark was next, with just shy of 3,400 total daily views across all properties.

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For the study, HouseFresh calculated each listing’s page views per day and then averaged the number of daily views across every neighborhood. It pulled data for the nation’s 100 most populous cities, excluding neighborhoods without at least 10 listings.

While expensive pockets of Charlotte’s housing market drew a lot of interest, other neighborhoods high on the list included more affordable areas.

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