Must-see videos of the week – March 1

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz
Adorable Baby Sloth Gives a Flower
Now this will make your heart melt! A baby sloth adorably hands over a flower to his new friend.

From the rebirth of the most famous sunken ship to a mountain biker being flattened by a running deer, we've seen some amazing videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Adorable baby sloth gives a flower

Sloths have been in the news a lot lately. Two weeks ago, we showed you a sloth taking a leisurely ride on a boat and today we have a video too cute for words. The charming and suave little creature passes a person petals from a flower. It's sure to warm your heart.

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2. A Titanic rebirth

Just because the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage 101 years ago doesn't mean you shouldn't get to sail the seas aboard its romantic decks. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has unveiled plans to build a replica ship to travel original route. The only difference will be that Palmer plans to sail right to New York and the ship will have the latest technology for finding icebergs. He says so far 40,000 people have expressed an interest.

This won't be the first Titanic II. In 2011, a five-metre long cabin cruiser ironically also sank on its maiden voyage. Hopefully this Titanic will not make it three for three. Construction is set to begin in China soon and it will come with enough life rafts for all the passengers.

3. Deer takes out mountain biker

Cyclist Jeff Plassman, of Virginia, was 15 minutes into his first lap of a mountain bike race Sunday when a deer leapt out of nowhere and took him out. Thanks to Plassman having a helmet-mounted camera we get to see exactly what he saw. According to CNN "all he saw was fur, sky and ground." Plassman and the deer both walked away uninjured from the crash. Actually, Plassman rode away. He got up, fixed his bike and finished the three-hour race.

"I'm just lucky he hit the front of my bike and not my body," he wrote on Facebook. "A bit scary." This isn't the first time a mountain biker has been flattened by a wild animal. In 2011, we had video of an antelope hitting one rider in South Africa.

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4. Tumbleweeds invade Texas home

Homeowner Josh Pittman had trouble getting in and out of his house this week after strong winds blew hundreds of tumbleweeds against his home in Midland, Texas. "It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen," said Pittman in the video. From certain angles you can't even see the house as they are stacked higher than the roof. Because they are now on his property, they city told him, the debris is his problem and he plans to spend the next week cleaning it.

5. Brave crow irritates polar bear

This bird has obviously never heard the saying, "don't poke the bear." I guess at least for the bird's sake, the bear wasn't sleeping. It just keeps shoving its peak into the back of the polar bear as what appears to be a zoo enclosure. While the bear seems a bit annoyed, it doesn't do the one thing I was desperately hoping it would - turn around quickly and smack the bird. With those kind of skills to annoy a larger creature, the bird must be a little brother.