You Must Remember These: 17 Unforgettable Viral Videos

Christine Erickson
March 23, 2012

Ahh, memories. Remember the simple days of the Internet when we all laughed at videos of a dancing baby? Oh, that's right, we're still doing that.

Regardless, memes have changed a bit since the old days. Today, they've become so widespread, it's difficult to distinguish the vintage from the modern.

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If you're feeling nostalgic, we've whipped up a serving of vintage video memes from the glory days. Whether you were in college watching YouTube videos with your friends, or laughing at a joke that got passed around the office, there's likely at least one personal memory or two attached to these classics.

Take a walk down memory meme lane, and let us know your favorite classic video in the comments.

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1. Dancing Baby

This 3D baby doing the cha cha started out as an office joke in 1996, yet it's still one of the most memorable memes from the '90s.

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