Museum commemorates Vietnam War Veterans Day

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – “Everything in this room kind of absorbs those nasty memories that everybody has. I don’t care who you are. You never forget,” said Museum Director Dennis Wolfe.

Vietnam veterans in Chemung County remembered the lives lost on March 29 at the Vietnam Veterans Museum in Elmira.

Many of them lost friends, family, classmates and neighbors. Veteran Daniel Delany spent 11 months overseas and sat down with me to recall what he remembers about the war that spanned two decades, including getting drafted.

“I was in New York City when I got drafted, so I had to come all the way back here to find out what the hell was going on and I did. My mom said you got a letter from the government that said greetings. I read the letter and said ‘Oh my god, I’m being drafted.’”

Delany spent most of his time in Cambodia during the war and got through it using humor.

“I always looked for the funny side of things, believe it or not. I would’ve gone nuts because of the stuff that was going on. I mean, people have no idea, you’re in a third world country.”

Music also played a crucial role.

“This one song I heard was called The Immigration Song. It was by Led Zeppelin and just the way that song was playing and you look out and you don’t see anything, but you know there’s something out there. But, you don’t see it and that song always gets me when I hear it because it brings me right back to ‘nam,” said Delany.

He also says it’s important to thank veterans for their service.

“Anytime that you have anything to do with the veterans, whether it’s Vietnam or World War II or Iraq, Afghanistan, you tend to stop doing what you’re doing and you honor these veterans that have served and even some of the mothers that lost their children. you honor them too.”

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