Mulally reportedly staying at Ford, won’t take over Microsoft

Brad Reed
December 5, 2013
Another one bites the dust: Ford CEO Mulally won’t leave to run Microsoft

Stephen Elop might get to become Microsoft’s next CEO after all. Bloomberg reports that Ford company director Edsel Ford II said on Thursday that current CEO Alan Mulally is staying on with the company through at least 2014, which would seemingly put him out of the running the become Microsoft’s next chief executive. Ford said that the company’s board of directors haven’t pushed Mulally to address the matter publicly because he’s already assured them that he’ll remain with the company for at least another year. Mulally was considered a leading choice to take over at Microsoft, which has been searching for a new CEO ever since Steve Ballmer announced his plans to resign in 2014. Other candidates for the job include former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, one-time Skype boss Tony Bates and Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise boss Satya Nadella.

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