How much ‘walking around’ money do St. Louis Cardinals get for meals while on a road trip?

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Under the new collective bargaining agreement reached last month between the team owners and Major League Baseball players, what kind of “walking around” money will St. Louis Cardinals players get for meals while on road trips? How does it compare to the previous amount?

The St. Louis Cardinals are now on their first road trip of the 2022 season, with stops in Milwaukee, Miami and Cincinnati. The 10-game road trip is the longest on their 2022 schedule.

And during the trip, each of the Redbirds’ players will get $117.50 daily to spend on food and tips if the team doesn’t provide meals, according to Silvia Alvarez, associate director of international and domestic communications for the Major League Baseball Players Association.

If the club does provide meals, the players get $34.50 daily for meals and tips.

Under the first year of the previous collective bargaining agreement, the players received $102 a day for meals. That amount increased based on cost-of-living adjustments until the contract expired in 2021.

While many of the established players have multimillion dollar contracts, the younger players will see a pay increase to go along with the increase in meal money.

The new collective bargaining agreement sets the following minimum salaries for the next five years, according to

2022: $700,000

2023: $720,000

2024: $740,000

2025: $760,000

2026: $780,000

And along with these increased salaries, the players are guaranteed to get first-class hotel accommodations and their own room.