How much is that Christmas tree going to cost this year?

Christmas just got pricier. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, the average cost of a natural Christmas tree last year was around $70. Now, the Real Christmas Tree Board, a promotion and research group funded by tree growers, says it’s expected to climb to near $100 this holiday season.


“Oh ya. I mean, they’ve definitely doubled in price since last year when I bought it or the year before that,” said local Christmas shopper Dena.

The Real Christmas Tree Board says the average price of a Christmas tree is expected to jump by up to 15% this year.

“We’re gonna go with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year, save some money,” local shopper Tom Fisher joked.

The holiday price jump comes amid economywide inflation that is increasing the cost of labor and resources for tree farmers. With the jump in prices, natural trees are getting more and more costly compared to artificial trees. Nonetheless, for some, both tree types bring their own unique holiday charm.

“You’ve gotta have a real one for the smell and then the fake one just because it’s always perfect,” said Dena.

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The price hike isn’t expected to curb holiday spirit, however, as the Real Christmas Tree Board says Americans are still expected to spend roughly $6 billion on Christmas trees this year. More information on the organization can be found by clicking here.

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