So, How Much Have Bitcoin Owners Have Lost as of This Minute?

Philip Bump and Rebecca Greenfield

With all the spikes and subsequent crashes in Bitcoin's value over the last couple of days, it's hard to keep track of how the currency and all of its enthusiastic owners are doing. To help with that we've created this handy-dandy real time counter that keeps track of Bitcoin's value, including how much value the currency has lost (or gained) since the all-time high of $260 Wednesday, what that means for the market capitalization of the virtual currency, and just for fun, how our favorite Bitcoin investors the Winkelvii are doing with their 1 percent stake.

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While there are multiple Bitcoin exchanges trading at varied prices, we chose Mt. Gox because it is the most widely used, and oft-cited as a benchmark for the value of the coins. According to Block Chain, there are 11 million coins in circulation, which is what we are using to calculate the total market value. Because Mt. Gox itself is a bit slow, sometimes the tool might lag. 

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