MTG defends her call to split up the US by saying the country is moving towards another civil war: 'We have to do something about it'

Marjorie Taylor Greene on Fox News on Tuesday.
Marjorie Taylor Greene on Fox News on Tuesday.Fox News
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene defended her proposal to split the US by red and blue states.

  • She said the US was moving closer to a civil war and "we have to do something about it."

  • She told Fox News that it's "a much bigger movement than most people in Washington even realize."

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene defended her position that the US should be split up into separate "red" and "blue" states by saying another civil war is looming.

The far-right Republican appeared on Fox News on Tuesday, where host Sean Hannity questioned her about her position, and how division in the US could be healed without a split.

Greene responded by saying that she doesn't want a civil war, but that the country was moving towards one and action needs to be taken.

"The last thing I ever want to see in America is a civil war. No one wants that — at least everyone I know would never want that — but it's going that direction, and we have to do something about it," she said.

Greene also claimed that everyone she talks to is "sick and tired and fed up with being bullied by the left, abused by the left, and disrespected by the left."

"Our ideas, our policies and our ways of life have become so far apart that it's just coming to that point," she added.

Greene posted a message on Twitter on Monday, Presidents' Day, calling for a "national divorce."

"We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government," she said.

She described it not as a civil war but "a legal agreement to separate our ideological and political disagreements by states while maintaining our legal union."

Hannity on Tuesday asked Greene if she believed that there could be a working relationship between the left and right, or if there was a "growing move" towards a split because the "divide is so deep."

Greene responded by saying she thinks "this is a much bigger movement than most people in Washington even realize."

She added that the response to her message "should tell people a lot."

As of Wednesday morning, her tweet had 77,000 likes and 10,400 retweets.

Greene's initial comments were heavily criticized by Democrats and some Republicans.

Utah's Republican governor said in a tweet that Greene's "rhetoric is destructive and wrong and—honestly—evil."

"We don't need a divorce, we need marriage counseling," Gov. Spencer Cox said. "And we need elected leaders that don't profit by tearing us apart."

White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson, meanwhile, told the Daily Beast that "Congresswoman Greene's comments are sick, divisive, and alarming to hear from a member of the House Oversight and Homeland Security Committees."

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