Mr. T Reveals: “How I Travel”

Mr. T has a new gig — as “Mr. Guaran-T,” spreading the word about Fairfield Inn & Suites’ new Fairfield 100% Guarantee.

Yahoo Travel caught up with Mr. T to find out how he travels. Here’s what he had to say:

1. He always arrives early. Not just to clear security (in case he’s traveling with his famous bling), but also so he as time to say “I pity the fool!” to all the fans her runs into. And believe it or not, all the attention makes Mr. T blush!

2. He’s always prepared. On “The A Team” TV show, Mr. T’s character was afraid to fly. Not Mr. T — he ain’t scared of nothin — except maybe germs and AC. Mr. T always carries anti-bacterial wipes and blankets.

3. He always secures his valuables. Mr. T used to carry 40 pounds of 24K gold chains wherever he went, so he’d always ask for the supervisor when going through security.

4. He makes trips meaningful. South Africa was one of his favorite trips. Mr. T met hundreds of fans who told him that they would have to hide to watch the “The A Team,” because at the time the government didn’t want the people to see black men portrayed as strong. It was emotional for Mr. T.

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