MPCA fines Jordan Sands for wastewater violations

Apr. 1—MANKATO — Sand-mining operator Jordan Sands has paid a $20,000 civil penalty to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for wastewater violations.

MPCA staff inspections confirmed that the company failed to monitor numerous pollutant parameters, failed to verify the accuracy of meters designed to monitor flow and discharges, and failed to implement corrective actions to achieve limits on certain pollutants in its discharges, according to a press release from the MPCA.

In addition, between 2014 and 2019, nearly 190 required discharge monitoring reports were either missing or submitted late.

In addition to paying the civil penalty, Jordan Sands was required to submit a plan to the MPCA documenting how the company will ensure all monitoring parameters are sampled and reported as required, and ensure appropriate staff receive proper pollution-prevention training.

Jordan Sands is no longer a working operation. Earlier this month a judge ordered the sale of Jordan Sands quarry properties for $8 million to help settle the company's default on a $22 million loan.

Last year St. Cloud-based Stearns Bank sued Jordan Sands, owned by the Coughlan family. The company's property was put into the hands of a court-appointed receiver who was charged with selling it for the highest price possible.

Jordan Sands defaulted on the loan after the silica-sand market collapsed.