Movie teaming up with OKC Animal Welfare

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – New details surrounding the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare’s deal to clear the shelter. It involves getting a dog and seeing the show Arthur the King.

OKC Animal Welfare and Lionsgate Films, are teaming up Saturday, March 16, for a deal. Add a new furry friend to your family and go to the show for free. The event lasts from 12pm – 5pm.

“Anyone that shows the first 20 adopters that are paid adoptions, it’ll be paid for by Lionsgate,” said Jon Gary, the superintendent of the welfare.

Each person who adopts one of those 20 dogs will receive a little goodie bag with promotional items from the film, including a collapsible water bowl, doggy waste bags with a holder, and tennis balls. They’ll also receive a human t-shirt and water bottle.

Better to Give Than Receive. The origins of this Chickasha Non-Profit stem from that wisdom

Remember, the animal shelter is also waiving adoption fees for dogs weighing over 40 pounds, which are not eligible for movie tickets.

The deal is a celebration of the film, “Arthur the King” starring Mark Wahlberg, who’s competing in an adventure racing world championship. That’s when a street dog, dubbed Arthur, follows him for 435 miles over 10 days.

“How did he get all the way from here to there? Right? While we were on bikes, and zip lines, and hiking and running and climbing?” said Michael Light during the movie, played by Wahlberg.

The Saturday event is happening while the shelter is at capacity. It’s been ruff. There are 434 dogs inside total, however only 150-175 are ready to be adopted.

“There’s two dogs in every kennel right now – it’s because of how far we are over capacity,” said Gary.

From 12pm-2pm on Saturday, March 16, local professional pet photographer, Kathy Thompson of OKKat Photography will play the roll of “Paw-parazzi”.

“I’ve been a marathon runner. I like endurance sports. I’m already interested in seeing this movie, So why not?” said Thompson.

The movie company approached her since she already offers glamour shots to animal shelters to help spur on adoptions.

“That’s that makes what I do really worthwhile,” said Thompson.

She’ll be there to help ease your new companion’s nerves, because “Gotcha Day” can be stressful for the canines.

“They’re chaotic little buggers,” said Thompson. “I can get them out of that and get those ears to pop up and get them to look excited.”

It’ll be a keepsake you’ll be mutts about.

“Let’s save lives,” Thompson said.

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