Mount Carmel showcases community health outreach

Mount Carmel showcases community health outreach

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Mount Carmel Foundation showcased the health system’s Mission in Action Wednesday, taking an in-depth look at how Mount Carmel is creating a healthier tomorrow.

Leaders from Street Medicine, the Healthy Living Center, Healthy Moms and Babies and housing programs were in attendance to talk about their work and the impact it makes on the community.

Brian Pierson, the vice president of community health and wellbeing, said the intent is to make sure that the health system meets the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of everyone in the community.

Pierson said that involves more than just redoing what’s already been done and the goal is to have the most vulnerable in the community thrive.

“The importance of this work really is about redesigning how we manage the social safety net,” he said. “If we simply do what’s already been done in already failing people, we’re going to continue to fail them. Our programs are specifically designed to lean on each other to meet the very specific needs of those who can’t find the assistance they need elsewhere.”

The different programs that were highlighted are the Street Medicine program, which focuses on people who are homeless through a mobile coach that’s out every day meeting the needs of the community.

There are also teams that work to meet the social needs and programs that are designed to help expectant moms who have vulnerabilities.

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