Mother of Tampa man convicted of killing stepfather says son didn't do it

TAMPA, Fla. - The Tampa man convicted of stabbing his stepfather to death three years ago is headed to prison despite the pleas from his mother.

Andy Flores Tello was found guilty last month of manslaughter in the death of Carlos Alfredo.

At his sentencing, Andy Flores Tello’s mother, Yuma Tello, told the court her son is not guilty of this crime.

"As a mother, I know my child and I know that my son is not capable of doing this," she explained.

<div>Yuma Tello told the judge her son wasn't capable of killing his stepfather.</div>
Yuma Tello told the judge her son wasn't capable of killing his stepfather.

During the trial, prosecutor Ron Gale told the jury Any Flores Tello confronted Alfredo and accused him of cheating on his mother. Gale said the fight turned physical. Andy Flores Tello ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed his stepdad to death.

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Andy Flores Tello took the stand in his own defense and told the jury he took a few blows to the head during the fight and blacked out. When he came to, his stepdad was dead.

<div>Andy Flores Tello and stepfather.</div>
Andy Flores Tello and stepfather.

The defense pointed out that Andy Flores Tello suffered years of abuse from Alfredo.

The defense also cast suspicion on Andy Flores Tello’s roommate as a possible suspect in this case. But the jury didn’t buy it and neither did Tampa Judge Michelle Sisco who sentenced Andy Flores Tello to 25 years in prison followed by five years of probation.

"You are responsible for the death of Carlos Alfredo there is a price to pay for that," said Sisco.

<div>Andy Flores Tello in court.</div>
Andy Flores Tello in court.

Sisco also commended defense attorney Bryant Camareno for convincing the jury this was not a first-degree murder case, which could’ve carried a life sentence.

Instead, Andy Flores Tello will likely be a free man someday.

"If you had not had Mr. Camareno as your attorney, there’s every chance that that would’ve never happened," Sisco pointed out.

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