Mother Speaks Out After Her Teen Son Totally Wrecks Their Home During Fit Of Rage

A mother in distress is speaking out after a video showcasing the aftermath of her 15-year-old son’s at-home rampage began circulating online.

The video in question was uploaded to TikTok by a user going by the username @mainemasarati, and it shows a home in ruins as a result of an older child’s tantrum.

“She took her 12-year-old son’s phone and destroyed their whole house,” the user writes over the video, which shows a kitchen, living room, various bedrooms and even some bathrooms in complete disarray.

The woman recording is audibly crying in the video as she shows the damage her son did to her home, which included damaging a granite countertop, breaking porcelain toilets, shattering mirrors, making holes in walls and straight-up destroying the mother’s work laptop.

Once the video was uploaded to TikTok, various commenters began sharing their thoughts.

“At that point he would’ve became a ward of the state. Out of my house he would’ve went,” one user wrote beneath the upload.

“I would be dead if I did that to my mommas house,” another person commented.

There were also some people asking to hear more about the situation at hand, and the mother in question took to social media to shed further light on the ordeal.

In the follow-up, the mother clarified a few things about the initial video.

First and foremost, she revealed that her son is 15, not 12, and his tantrum had nothing to do with a cellphone.

“No, he’s not 12, [and] it isn’t over a cellphone. He’s 15, he’s 6 feet tall, and he’s 270 lbs. So no, I couldn’t spank him,” she revealed.


“I don’t know what anybody wants from me. My son is mentally ill. I’ve dealt with this for 15 years,”

She also shared that she was not the one who posted the video online; instead, a friend who she shared the clip with went behind her back and made the upload.

“It just sucks that I trusted someone, and they sent the video out, and now everyone is looking at my hurt”

It’s unclear what the mother’s next steps will be, and she didn’t specify whether she got mental health professionals or juvenile justice authorities involved.

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