Mother speaks out after daughter detained in Turks and Caicos on ammunition possession charges

ORLANDO, Fla. - Willie Lucas was at a loss for words upon learning that her daughter, Sharitta Grier, had been arrested while visiting the Turks and Caicos on charges of possessing ammunition.

"I didn't want to come home," Lucas said, her voice filled with emotion.

The news shocked the family. Five days later, Lucas, joined by relatives in person and via video chat, rallied to drive home a clear message: bring Sharitta home.

Grier is the fifth person to be arrested for having ammunition in their luggage while attempting to leave the country, a crime punishable by a minimum of 12 years in prison in the island nation.

"Whew. Just for two bullets? It was just a horrible mistake for all five," said Chanchy Willis, Grier's cousin.

After posting bail, Grier joined four other Americans in a rental property on the island as they awaited an uncertain future.


"Watching the others and how they are close-knit, and reaching out to her, showing her that she's not alone, they are all in this together, that brings joy to my heart," Willis responded.

Willis remains optimistic about his cousin's safe return home.

When asked if he had a specific message for his cousin, Willis said, "I love her, and the family is praying."

Lucas had a message of her own for her daughter.

"Be safe when you go out of town. Just be safe. Be careful and keep us in your prayers, cuz God knows we sure gonna need it," Lucas said.

Grier is scheduled to appear before a judge on July 5.